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Walk The Earth™

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The Bay Institute and Aquarium of the Bay

Did you know that over 100,000 acres of marshland and bay delta has been restored to the San Francisco Bay through the efforts of the Bay Institute? The fragile ecosystem of the Bay has been saturated by development for over 160 years. While continuing development is good for building a diverse economy, in our past sometimes this has led to decisions that have been bad for the long term health of the San Francisco Bay. That is one reason that Promenade Wines is a proud supporter of the Bay Institute, a non-profit whose primary goal is to ensure the long term health and viability of the San Francisco Bay.

"The Bay Institute is the leader in protecting, restoring and inspiring conservation of the San Francisco Bay and its watershed -- from the Sierra to the sea. For nearly 30 years, we have been developing and leading model scientific research, education and advocacy programs to preserve California's most important natural resource."

Aquarium of the Bay

A pearl in our City by the Bay, the Aquarium of the Bay is now an integral part of the Bay Institute. "Providing The Bay Institute with a window to the largest estuary on the West Coast, Aquarium of the Bay's mission is to create experiences that inspire conservation of the Bay and its watershed." Our entire family enjoys visiting this jewel that promotes awareness of the need for water conservation and brings us face to face with the marvelous creatures of the San Francisco Bay.

We cannot produce great wine without clean, fresh water. Our Walk the Earth philosophy guides our donation plans each year and Promenade Wines is proud to support the efforts of the Bay Institute and the Aquarium of the Bay.  Walk the Earth!