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Our Winemaker


Judd Finkelstein, Winemaker

Judd Finkelstein is a Napa Valley native. Being raised in the heart of wine country while his very creative parents were developing their own winery, Judd was involved from an early age in every facet of grape growing and winemaking.

In 1995, Judd moved to Los Angeles to work in radio and film for several years while also representing the family's wine brand in southern California. Soon Judd came to realize that he wanted to fully establish himself in the wine business. As his passion for winemaking and his interest in the wine business grew, he decided to follow in the family business and went on to study winemaking at UC Davis and Napa Valley College.

Today Judd and his wife Holly run the family business along with his mother Bunnie and a loyal and creative staff. We are pleased to partner with Judd's Hill in crafting our Napa Valley Promenade Cabernet Sauvignon, Meritage and Pinot Noir wines.


Art Finkelstein, Winemaker Posthumous(RIP)


Winemakers Art & son Judd Finkelstein, 2008

We lost Art in 2010 but feel compelled to leave his BIO here because he has had such a positive, imeasurable influence on our wine making philosophy. Please know that Art holds a special place in our hearts as a mentor, teacher and friend.

After a successful career as an architect in Los Angeles, Art began making wine in the early 70’s. Wines made in his garage garnered top honors from virtually every competition entered. A trip to Napa Valley in 1971 began the germination process of wine as a profession and in 1979, Art purchased a vineyard just south of St. Helena where he designed and built Whitehall Lane Winery.

At Whitehall Lane, he continued his efforts as a commercial winemaker, releasing his first wine in 1980. As demand for the wines grew and production increased, Art found himself spending more time managing and less time making wine, which is not what he set out to do. With the winery growing to over 30,000 cases per year, he and his partner/brother decided to sell Whitehall Lane in 1988. Believing that smaller is better, Art and his wife Bunnie purchased a 14-acre hillside vineyard in the eastern hills of Napa Valley outside of St. Helena. Here he designed and built his second winery, Judd’s Hill with the first release of wine in 1989.

Because of Art’s reputation as a highly respected winemaker in Napa Valley, growers began to approach him to make small quantities of wine as a way to showcase their fruit. Art made wine for hundreds of grape growers and wine enthusiasts and has helped launch numerous commercial brands, including Promenade Wines. We miss you Art. Thank you for the gift of friendship and the lessons you taught us so well.