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We are pleased to share photos of some of Promenade Wine's awards

Pictured below are a selection of some of the awards garnered by our wines. In each of these blind tasting competitions, wines are judged by the merits found in the glass: No vintner labels are shown to the judges, they are literally"blind" to the label and source of the wine. Each glass is delivered only with a numerical code for tracking and recording tasting results. Generally in this kind of blind tasting, 10 - 30% of the wines submitted win an award of some kind. That means that 70 - 90% don't receive an award. We are pleased that these judges have found favor in sampling our wines. We think this is the best way for consumers to be informed about a wine rather than a numerical rating that may not mean much to the wine lover. We hope that you enjoy our Promenade Wines, and make them a part of your adventures with friends and family.  

​Our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon has been awarded the GOLD medal at the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition. Over 7500 wines were entered into the competiton in 2016, one of the largest blind tasting competitions in the World.

Our 2008 La Joyeuse Harmonie Meritage has been awarded multiple GOLD & Double GOLD Medals. Gold Medal from the 2013 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition, and Double GOLD Medal from the 2013 San Francisco International Wine Competition. Salute!

Our 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon has been awarded the Silver medal by the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine competition and the 2013 International Wine TV Awards. 

Our 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon has been awarded the Silver medal by the Chronicle Wine Competition. This is the second Silver medal for our 2007 Cabernet, the first coming in 2010 from the Millennial Wine Competition.

Our 2007 Meritage, La Joyeuse Harmonie, has also been awarded 2 Silver medals, the one pictured below was awarded by the Orange County Fair in July 2010. The International Women's Wine Competition also awarded a silver medal to our Meritage in 2010. (sorry now sold out)

Our 2007 Pinot Noir, IPRIMA has been awarded a Double Gold Medal  by the 2009 International Women's Wine Competition. The 2010 Millennial Wine Competition also awarded the Silver Medal to our IPRIMA Pinot Noir. Salute! (now sold out - sorry!)