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Walk the Earth™

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Promenade Wines

Benefiting the Ntumburi Community on the eastern boundary of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Promenade Wines contributed a percent of early wine sales to support clean water as part of their Walk the Earth™ cause.

The Ntumburi community had always known water shortages. They suffered frequent crop failures due to erratic rains and, at times, long periods of drought. So, they had to buy their drinking water from a truck and took their livestock to Lewa’s spring. But the spring was also where local wildlife went for water, creating situations that were frequently dangerous.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy stepped in and helped to dig a bore hole. Fresh water now meets the demands of about 4000 people, but sustaining the project is still a big challenge. This is where Promenade Wines has stepped in to provide essential funding to ensure that the generator keeps pumping fresh water daily. Each time you enjoy the taste of Promenade Wines you can also know that the purchase you have made has helped many thousands each day with the simple necessity of clean water. How refreshing!

The generator for pumping

The Storage tank

A community water point

Water trough for livestock

For the project to run continuously the community needs a constant fuel supply for the generator and funding for the continuous maintenance for the whole system. Support from Promenade Wines provides this ongoing water source for over 4000 people in northern Kenya. Thank you!