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Walk The Earth™

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We want to share our success with the larger global community, through our philanthropic effort: Walk the Earth™. While making great wine is exciting enough, our other main goal is to find ways to share our results by returning some of that success to the global community. You may be familiar with the phrase, “turning water into wine”. At Promenade Wines we are turning “wine into water” through our Walk the Earth initiative.

With the sale of every bottle of Promenade wine we contribute a portion of our annual profits to building, preserving, and conserving sustainable water resources. Right here in San Francisco Bay and around the world, we see the need to respect and conserve water. After all, we want to walk our talk and urge everyone to better understand the world around them. Take a walk in your area and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. Walk the Earth to remind you that we are all part of and responsible for the stewardship of our ecosystem.

Promenade Wines is honored to be able to pass forward our customers’ contributions through "Walk the Earth" and create a collaborative gift through this endeavor. Wine into water: nothing could be more refreshing!

Collaborative Winemaking at it’s Best

We believe in approaching life with creativity, passion and a sense of possibility. Our greatest memories have been when we threw caution to the wind and dove into something where we felt an equal amount of excitement and the unknown. As they say, during those times you either sink or swim; we believe swimming is much more fun!

Since we live in such a virtually oriented world now, we thought that we would use this to our advantage, and learn as much as we could about making wine that we liked, rather than just buying a bottle and hoping for the best. So we did our research, and found a boutique winemaking venture in Napa that allowed us to get to know two great winemakers, select our grapes from the best in the area, and work closely with them. We dove in, and out of that effort have come our first vintages of what we are now proud to call Promenade Wines! Here at Promenade Wines, we don’t own acres of grapes that we have to use every year; we own only what we select, and from that blend great wines that reflect our sense of adventure, curiosity and passion.

We want to make sure to accomplish two things at Promenade. Make exciting wines that jump deliciously on your palate; and share our bounty with those who would be just as interested in drinking clean water as they would great wine. (should we reference Wine into Water?)

See for yourself what you think of our Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon; blended with just enough Merlot and Cabernet Franc to allow us to reminisce about our travels in France and the great winemaking region of Bordeaux. Enjoy our Pinot Noir, grown on cool slopes of the Napa Valley Milliken Creek vineyards; a new and exciting area bursting with great art, food and of course, grapes!

At Promenade Wines, we work closely with our winemakers to select grapes directly from what we believe are the best Napa Valley appellations for the wine we want to make: Stag’s Leap, Oakville and a little area called Milliken Creek. Our goal is to create high quality wines with a personal flair.

If we could wave a magic wand, we would spend all of our time traveling and visiting different cultures: primarily to capture those great experiences we all love to talk about once we’re back home with friends and family; the places we were lost in but met really interesting people; the foods we tried for the first time and either loved or just tried to look the other way while we smiled politely; and of course the great wines and the nights filled with humor, warmth and the love of being somewhere new and very far from home.

We love being a bit out of our comfort zone. It’s the paradox of being in a place, but still feeling new enough to sense things for the first time.

We love throwing ourselves into new adventures and learning as we go. And rather than spending years learning how to make wine or getting a degree from a great school, we decided to find the best winemakers, blend the best grapes and jump in! The results of our first release reflect our passion for adventure and fun.

And that’s what we have done in starting our wine business. We researched and talked with winemakers and specialists throughout the Napa and Sonoma regions to determine what we needed to do. After all, with Napa in our “backyard” how could we not make our next great adventure one connected to the art of making great wine?

And so we have found the best grape sources, phenomenally talented winemakers dedicated to our success, and have put together a dynamic team of experts who work closely together. But the wine selection, blending, and final product is all ours; uniquely our vision and adventure.

Promenade Philosophy: Walk the Earth

At Promenade Wines, we strive to reflect that feelings of energy and passion we all experience when visiting beautiful promenades near to home or in exotic faraway places. These promenades are often along the sea or pass through greenways and parks. They include pathways where you are immersed in nature’s splendor and can enjoy the energy and activity surrounding you. Walking the earth rather than living in cars and other machines allows us to appreciate the sustainable opportunities around us: clean water, clean air and soil; all essential for growing great grapes and making great wine.

Walking the earth also allows us to see great locales around the world: the crazy energy of Las Ramblas in Barcelona; the diversity on the San Francisco Embarcadero; the warmth of the Mediterranean sea along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. These are just some of the places where walking allows us to be in close touch with different cultures and people. We are inspired by that energy and share it through our wines. Blending great wine, great walking experiences and great service back to others is our way of saying, “Live the Promenade Life”!

Promenade Wines: Turning Wine into Water

You may have heard the phrase, “turning water into wine”. We at Promenade are turning “wine into water”. We started Promenade Wines last year with the goal of partnering with an organization that brings a unique offering of sustainable services to people in areas of tremendous need. We wanted to contribute a percentage of our revenue to building the economic strength and health of struggling communities.

So we are thrilled to have selected the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya as our first recipient. Lewa’s community programs with the wider local area have the twin objectives of wildlife conservation combined with local economic growth and poverty reduction. Through Lewa’s success in building wells and sustainable water projects, they are the perfect fit for Promenade. We are honored to be able to pass forward our customers’ contributions and create a collaborative gift through this endeavor. Wine into water: nothing could be more refreshing!